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Chalklife Gives Back


The CHALKLIFE GIVES BACK PROGRAM was established to help your athletes in reaching their goals. CHALKLIFE is delighted to extend its support to our esteemed CHALKLIFE community through the following means:

  1. CHALKLIFE GIVES BACK Donation: We commit to donating 10% of profits from bulk orders of 35 items or more to your organization.
  2. In-Kind Donations: We are honored to support your organization by providing an in-kind donation for your event.

Please review the requirements outlined below and reach out to us if your organization is interested in participating in the CHALKLIFE GIVES BACK PROGRAM.


Is your gym or organization in need of a bulk CHALKLIFE order or custom CHALKLIFE shirts?

For orders consisting of 35 items or more, CHALKLIFE will contribute 10% of the profits to your organization. This support can be directed towards athlete registrations, advanced competitions, equipment needs, and more.


  • Please use our contact us form and select "Chalklife Gives Back Request" option. For consideration, a completed form must be submitted and include contact information for your organization.
  • For bulk custom design order requests for the CHALKLIFE GIVES BACK PROGRAM, we will provide design drafts to the contact person within 5 days at no additional charge, and a response within 7 days after receiving the design is required for modifications or design approval.
  • A minimum order of 35 items must be purchased (all items within a 14-day time frame from your organization; purchases made after this period will be challenging for us to track).
  • Allow up to 30 days for delivery of ordered, in-stock bulk items. If items go out-of-stock, CHALKLIFE will contact you to explore alternative options.
  • Team shirts or custom shirts may require up to 45 days for bulk orders.
  • CHALKLIFE will provide the donation to the organization within 90 days after receipt of the items.
  • The organization must sign a statement confirming the receipt of the donation.


Is your gym hosting a fundraiser or raffle event and in need of CHALKLIFE merchandise?

We are honored to support your gym, subject to the following requirements:

In-Kind Request Requirements:

  • Please complete the contact us form and select the "Chalklife In-Kind Donation Request" option. Please submit request at least 30 days prior to your event date. For consideration for in-kind donation, a completed form must be submitted and include contact information for your organization.
  • CHALKLIFE item(s) provided will be subject to availability at the time of the request.
  • In any calendar year, CHALKLIFE item(s) provided will not exceed a total value of $100 per organization/gym.
  • CHALKLIFE greatly appreciates acknowledgement from your organization for in-kind donation when possible, on social media by tagging Chalklife Clothing on Instagram and/or posting on the Chalklife Clothing Facebook page.


Please note that CHALKLIFE is not responsible for items or services purchased by the organization with funds donated by CHALKLIFE. CHALKLIFE is also not liable for any adverse outcomes related to the in-kind gift(s) donated to the organization.